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How to do Microneedling at Home

Microneedling is said to have many benefitsboth medical and cosmetic. It may be the answer to your skin problemsbut it is good to know the facts before considering the treatment. Microneedling treatment can be done by a beautician or with shorter, less damaging needles, it can also be done at home 

What is a Derma Roller? 

Derma Roller is a skincare devicethat has tiny needles on the surface of the roll. This may cause confusionwhy would it in any way be good to roll dozens of tiny needles on my face? Why would I want to break the surface of my skin?  

The Dermaroller was invented through several small discoveries. Two studies in the 1990s investigated the use of microneedling in the treatment of scar tissue. In 2005, the first study using a Derma Roller was published. It was found, that microneedling could be a good way to treat skin scars and stimulate skin collagen production, therefore it can also be described as ‘collagen induction therapy’. Collagen production slows down as you age, which in turn contributes to the signs of aging and the loss of skin elasticity. 

The Benefits of Microneedling  

The benefits of microneedling include a number of different things. For example, it has been said to boost collagen production and rejuvenate the skin. It can smooth out small imperfections of the skin as well as prevent fine lines or even stretch marks in the long run. It can also help with sun damage, as well as hyperpigmentation and liver spots. If you wish to tackle these particular skin problems, you can start with a 0.25 mm needle at home. The Derma Roller for home use provides results for aging skin, enlarged pores, fine lines and the skin around the eyes. 

How to Use a Derma Roller? 

The use of Derma Roller is quite simple. The roller is rolled on the skin, and its tiny needles gently break the skin’s surfaceThis causes the skin’s microchannels to open and thus allows products to absorb efficiently into the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissueAfter breakingyour skin needs to work hard to repair it, activating your skin cells. Needles suitable for home use do not break the skin too muchso healing is very quick. The small damages caused by the derma roller are only superficialalthough the treatment can cause redness and skin irritation momentarilyAfter the treatment, it is a good idea to use a soothing face mask, for exampleDerma rollers with 0.25 mm needles are suitable for home use and for beginners. The microneedle roller can be used about 10 times before it is advisable to replace it with a new oneMicroneedling and disinfection go hand in hand. It is extremely important to remember hygiene and disinfect the roller with alcohol after each use, in order to avoid inflammation. It is also a good idea to store the roller in its own case. If the derma roller is dropped or damaged, it should not be used any longer. The small needles can easily bend and damage the skin. 

MicroneedlingBeard and Hair Loss 

How can microneedling help with beard and hair growth? 

Derma Rollers have also been used to treat hair loss, in combination with other hair growth products. In 2013, a study was published involving 100 patients with mild or moderate hereditary hair loss. Half of the patients received microneedling treatments combined with minoxidil –ointment and half only received minoxidil ointment. The number of hairs increased significantly more in the microneedling group. Where microneedling helps the products to be absorbed into the skin of the face, it also helps the products that promote hair growth to be absorbed into the scalp, for example. Because microneedling naturally initiates skin regeneration and healing, it can also stimulate hair and beard growth. 

Dermarolling can be described as a high intensity skin workout. Going through a little tingling is definitely worth the results. As the saying goes, sometimes for beauty you have to suffer a bit!