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Lymphatic System and Skin Glow

Skin Glow and the Lymphatic System – How are They Connected?  

Even if you drink loads of water, take care of your skin and moisturize it religiously, why is it that your skin still does not have that glowy and vibrant look? The answer may be found beneath the surface of the skin in the lymph fluid cycle. After all, simply cutting your hair is not enough for hair care, you must also nourish and take care of your scalp! 

What is the Lymphatic System and Lymphatic Circulation? 

Lymph (lymph fluid) is proteinaceous tissue fluid, that filters into tissue from blood vessels. Tissue fluid that contains protein is one of the key factors in the fight against inflammation and toxins, for example. The lymphatic system cleanses the blood and helps protect against bacteria by strengthening the immune system.  

The fluid travels from the tissue along the lymphatic system to the lymph nodes, and through the lymph node chain back into the venous circulation. Any disruption of this lymphatic circulation causes, for example, swelling of the tissues: lymphedema. Lymphatic massages can reduce swelling as well as improve circulation in the lymphatic system.  

Lymph Fluid Circulation and the Skin  

The lymph fluid cycle helps expel waste products of the body. If the cycle is disturbed, your skin may show signs of acne, loss of elasticity, premature aging or appear pale. The heart and bloodstream of your body work automatically, but stimulating the lymph fluid circulation can be a good idea to ensure it works properly.  

Stimulating lymphatic circulation is quite easy, for example, by exercising. Regular muscle contraction promotes the movement of lymph fluids in the body. Stimulation by massaging the face using, for example, a Gua Sha –comb is also a good option. Especially with the right kind of massage technique, activating the lymph fluid cycle can be very helpful. Other ways to ensure properly functioning lymphatic system include a good night’s sleep, avoiding stress, and good quality nutrition.  

Lymphatic Face Massage and its Advantages 

Lymphatic face massage can reduce swelling as well as improve circulation in the lymphatic system. Facial massage can have aesthetic benefits that beauty bloggers and masseurs are already taking advantage of. These benefits include, for example, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, reduced swelling around the eyes and face, restoring glow, removing waste products and firming the skin. It can also help with muscle tension in the jaw area, which can feel heavenly. Stress is often seen on our faces, by, for example, grinding our teeth or tensing the muscles on our face, which can also result in tension of the connective tissues. Stress is one of the worst enemies of the skin, so it is good to give a relaxing massage to your face as well! 

For Who is Lymphatic Massage Suitable?  

Facial lymphatic massage is especially suitable for people who have sensitive or couperotic skin or people who suffer from facial swelling. Lymphatic massage is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, to improve glow and bring liveliness to the skin, if you are otherwise healthy. Lymphatic massage activates the body strongly, therefore it should not be done if there is inflammation on the skin or body.