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Rose Quartz Faceroller Advantages and Use

Facerolling With Rose Quartz and Jade

You’ve probably already come across the most popular beauty trend of recent years: face rolling with rose quartz and jade rolls. Where did this magical trend originate? 

While the trend itself is fairly new among bloggers and content producers, it is actually one of the oldest traditions in the world of beauty and selfcare. The use of jade stone goes far back in Chinese history, where it was used in jewelry and as an ancient remedy. Jade stone symbolizes happiness, renewal and longevity. Rose quartz on the other hand, is seen as a stone of love that is also believed to have an effect on fading the signs of aging. The use of rose quartz is known to have begun in the history of Rome and Egypt. Today, it is seen in the videos and images of numerous beauty bloggers on various social media channels. 

Why is Facerolling Necessary? 

Today in the world of beauty, rose quartz and jade stone are used to massage the skin on your face and neck with, for example, jaderollers, rose quartz rollers or battery-operated Beauty Bar massagers. Gua Sha –comb is also an effective skin workout tool made either of rose quartz or jade stoneGua Sha is shaped to follow the contour of the face 

In addition to their beautiful appearance, the use of rosequartzrollers and jaderollers can be beneficial to the skin. Massaging your face with these natural stones can improve the absorption of products, such as serums and creams. They also promote the skins blood circulation, elasticity, firmness and help fighting against dark under-eye circles, puffiness and signs of aging. In addition, metabolic waste start moving as the skin is stimulated. This way you can achieve a brighter and healthier looking skin. 

Jade, as well as rose quartz, are naturally cool stones, that do not only feel fantastic on tired and puffy skin, but also help in preventing them. Rose quartz contains natural minerals such as magnesium, iron and sodium.  

How to Use a Faceroller 

Many people keep their facerollers in the refrigerator to increase the cooling sensation, although rose quartz stays cool even at room temperature. This cooling sensation is one of the biggest helps when trying to eliminate swelling on the skin. The faceroll is easy to use at home and easy to carry along midst the everyday hustle and bustle. The larger roll of the roller is used for the face and neck, and the smaller roll for skin around the eyes. 

The faceroller is easy to use: the roller is used on clean skin, that has been moisturized with moisturizer, oil or serum, to lubricate the surface of the skin. The roller is then gently slid on the face in opposite directions. There is no need to use force, but the roller can be lightly pressed against the skin. Face rolling does not take more than a couple of minutes, so it is easy to add to your current skincare routine. The roller may well become your skin’s best workout buddy!