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Advanced Skin Workout Set


This set is suitable for more experienced skin care, but even a beginner can do these workouts safely by following the instructions. When you learn how to use them, you will totally get hooked on them.

Both the Ultrasonic Scrubber and the Derma Roller are home-based training equipment for facial skin, that can maintain the results of skin cleansing and microneedling performed by a beautician. Of course, even without treatment visits you can get results. Cleanse, skin revitalization and firming effects – perfect!

The Ultrasonic Scrubber as the name implies, cleans and scrubs with the help of sonic ultrasounds. The device can also be used for a firming skin workout.

The Derma Roller breaks the surface of the skin with tiny needles and activates the skin’s own natural collagen production. With regular use, the skin is activated and considerably more firm. The microneedle roller can also activate beard or hair growth and eliminate scarring. And in this roller, the thought of pain feels far more awful than the reality – it is nearly painless. Try it for yourself and find the power!

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