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Beautybic Gua Sha Workout

Reviving Gua Sha Face Massage

This Gua Sha –workout stimulates blood circulation, revives and glows up your skin. Gua Sha also removes swelling and relaxes the muscles on your face. Beautybic’s Gua Sha treatment can be done on your face and your body!

You can Gua Sha every day if you like!




AMOUNT OF WORKOUT: whenever you feel like it

Beautybic Gua Sha kivi


Use Gua Sha with a moisturiser or over a face mask.


Warm up

Wash your face with your favorite product, removing all makeup and dirt.


Ready, set...

Grab a sturdy grip of your Gua Sha and prepare to activate your skin.


Gua Sha!

Treat your chin, cheeks, forehead and neck. 2-3 strokes per area, pressing lightly. You should be able to clearly feel the strokes, but it should not be painful.

Gua Sha technique – Gua Sha workout quide

    1. Begin by treating the jaw area, stroking towards the ear on both sides. 
    2. Start moving from the sides of your nose, in line with your facial structure toward your ears.
    3. Begin by stroking upwards between your eyebrows, then moving on from the middle of your forehead toward your temples. Remember to work on both sides separately.
    4. Next, stroke the bridge of your nose in between your eyebrows, working your way down. The sides of your nose treated downward towards your lips.
    5. According to the neck's lymphatic circulation, move downwards from below your ears. 
    6. Work on your lips horizontally, towards your jawbones.
    7. Work on your eyes horizontally from the inner corner, through your eyelids towards your temples (both upper and lower eyelids).

Some redness might appear after the treatment.

Advantages of Gua Sha

Rose quartz is said to be the stone of love, love towards yourself. Beautybic has chosen rose quartz as the material for the Gua Sha –comb, because of its positive effect on the skin. Roze quartz has been said to nurture, relax and calm the skin. 

Gua Sha is as easy as it looks. The stone has been shaped to conform to the structure of your face, jaw and cheeks, while it is moved on your skin. The treatment helps your skin to be firm, glowing and it removes swelling. You can, for example, try it on your tense jaw muscles!

How often should you use Gua Sha?

Gua Sha –treatment can be done 4-5 times a week, or everyday if you feel like it! For example, use it to help absorb facial cream or serum on the skin. It can also be used with oil. Gua Sha works best, when used with a product, so it glides effortlessly on the skin. Keeping it in the fridge overnight cools the stone even more; this can help with morning puffiness!

Clean the Gua Sha –after use with soap and water, then carefully dry it. If you decide to borrow it to a friend, remember to disinfect it after use.


Tighten your skin with your hand to the same direction you will stroke the Gua Sha. This way you can enhance the effect.


Gua Sha treatment should never be done on skin with infection, rosacea, acne or perioral dermatitis, or if the skin has been treated with fillers or other injections during the last three months. We recommend consulting your doctor or injection nurse.

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