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Beautybic Face Roller Original price was: € 18,00.Current price is: € 9,00.
Only 5 left in stock

Beautybic Face Roller

Original price was: € 18,00.Current price is: € 9,00.

Rose Quartz Roller. Guarantee of firm and glowy skin. 

Face rollers are the latest trend in the skincare scene, and no wonder, as facial rolling glows the skin easily and quickly. So effective quick training!

The two headed face roller is suitable for the whole face, neck and the skin around your eyes. Beautybics rose quartz roller might very well become your best workout buddy! 

The rose quartz used in the roller calms the skin and stimulates blood circulation, helping serums and creams to absorb deeper into the skin. The beautiful rose quartz stone also brings a natural glow to the skin, and ready for a new day!

Why Face Roller?

    • A healthy glow and color for your face in an instant, do it before you go to work or party.
    • Easy to use quick decorator.
    • The effect is immediately visible!

Only 5 left in stock

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Use of Face Roller

Use the larger roller for your face and neck and the smaller one around your eyes. 

Slide the face roller lightly in one direction and up. You don’t have to use force, but you can press the roller lightly against your skin. Scroll through the face in this order:


Cheeks and chin: Use the larger roller. Roll upwards from your chin towards your cheeks and ears. Continue rolling outwards from your chin and upwards towards your ears. Repeat 5-6 times.

The forehead: Gently roll to the middle of your forehead and roll up towards the sides of your face near your hairline and ears (both sides).

The eyes: Use the small roller under your eyes and roll towards your ears from the corner of your eyes. Repeat about 10 times.

Eyebrows: Repeat the same as under the eyes, starting from the inside corners.


Wipe the roller with a damp towel and dry it after use.

kasvorullan käyttösuunnat


Cool down the rose quartz roller to efficiently remove swelling. You can also use a roller over the sheet mask.

Skin Type

Sensitive skin, Aging skin, Dry skin, Normal skin, Oily skin, Combination skin


Rose Gold


Rose Quartz, Zinc Aluminium Alloy


14,5 x 5 cm


74 g

Please note in use

Do not use on damaged skin or inflamed skin, on fresh wounds
or if you have whooping cough.


Suitable for beginners

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