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This is Beautybic

Because your skin needs workouts, just like your body does.

We think a good skin care routine belongs to everyone.

Beautybic is a skin care concept focusing on skin workouts.

Our workouts focus on the core areas of the face and body using the latest technology. We have carefully created workouts for you that will give you inspiring results.

Selecting Products

Our product selection is a matter of pride for us. Having worked in the beauty industry for over a decade, we are well aware of the challenges of skin care. That is why our products are designed to meet these problems.

The products are carefully selected, of very high quality and support the daily skin care routine both alone and in combination. The products are 100% recyclable.

Values of Beautybic

Natural & Authentic

We want to support youthful skin with natural remedies.
We believe in authenticity and naturally created beauty.


Everyone deserves a moment for themselves. As they say on airplanes; you can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself first.


We think skincare should be fun. Smile is the most beautiful thing we know. With a smile, you can spread joy to others and that, if something, makes the world a better place to live.

High Quality

We do not compromise on this and we are not content with anything less. Our products and workouts are designed to work in the best possible way with minimal damage to the skin.


Beautybic as a Company

Behind Beautybic are two beauty and well-being professionals Nina & Virpi, who are passionate about beauty and selfcare, appreciate natural beauty and enjoy life. The expertise in the beauty industry and the desire to make people feel more confident in their appearance inspired the establishment of Beautybic.

We want to feel good ourselves and we want you to feel beautiful with all your imperfections.

Come along, workout your skin and have fun with us!

Check out Beautybic's skincare tools

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