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How to do an Ultrasonic Skin Treatment at Home?

Ultrasonic Cleanse – Remover of Oil and Impurities 

Effectively removing dirt and oil from the skin can at times be a challenge. But, with Ultrasonic vibration it can be done more easily.  

Ultrasonic literally means sound waves, that humans are unable to hear. These sound waves are used, for example, in ultrasound examinations during pregnancy. Why would these high-frequency ultrasonic waves be used in skincare then? 

Ultrasonic cleansing is a gentle skin cleansing method. It is an effective and painless way to cleanse deeper. Treatments using ultrasonic waves are also suitable for all ages and all skin types. These treatments improve skin elasticity, naturally elevate the face, maintain blood and lymphatic circulation, can control skin pigment changes, help skin cells to regenerate, and also promote the absorption of active ingredients into the skin. 

Ultrasonic cleansing is performed with an ultrasonic treatment device and treatment cream that softens and dissolves sebum and grease in the pores. Often at a clinic, a mechanical cleansing is also performed after the treatmentto improve the end result. 

Ultrasonic Skin Treatment at Home 

Ultrasound skin cleansing and firming can also be done at home between treatment visits to maintain the skins well-being. With an Ultrasonic Scrubberyou can perform a cleansing and a firming workout using different settings of the device and depending on what kind of result is wantedThe firming workout is great for skin that wants to restore vitality and glow, and the cleansing workout is for removing impuritiesThese workouts do not take more than 10 minutes.  

The Ultrasonic Scrubber Device 

The device’s operation is based on directing ultrasonic vibration to the spatula located on the tip of the device. These vibrations are used to remove, for example, dead skin cells without any redness or irritation. The device has two programs: a continuous wave used to cleanse the skin and a vibration program, in which pulsating waves help to firm the skin. Both of these skin workouts are simple;  

first all makeup and dirt is removed from the skin. For the cleanse, open the pores with a warm damp towel and select “positive ion mode”. After this, water based treatment liquid or apple cider vinegar is applied to the skin, the shovel is held downwards and worked against the pores.  

If firming effect is desired instead, after cleansing the skin and opening the pores, the skin is moisturized with treatment liquid or toner and “negative ion mode” is selected. In this case, the device is moved parallel to the pores for 5 minutes, after which the pores are closed with a damp cool towel.